Dr. H. S. Mangat


"I am proud to provide my patients with the best in dental technology, treatment options, and care.
It is my pleasure to address all your questions and concerns." - Dr. H. S. Mangat
Dr. H. S. Mangat, D.D.S

With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Mangat has a wide range of skills in several areas of dentistry, from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to surgical treatments and root canals. His approach to your treatment starts with the most important step: listening. After a complete and thorough examination, he reviews and discusses your diagnosis and what treatment options are available for you.

During treatment, Dr. Mangat’s primary goals are your comfort and achieving the highest quality of work at a reasonable cost. Dr. Mangat consistently delivers superior quality with comfort, care, and at a lower cost than other dental practices!

Dr Mangat San Jose DentistIn his free time, Dr. Mangat attends seminars on advanced dental technology and patient health, including both physical and mental health practices. He also passionately practices and teaches meditation and Naam Simran. He’s also a devoted father and wonderful singer, performing at local cultural events, such as the yearly Vaisakhi Festival at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, and reciting shabad at the San Jose Sikh Gurudwara. Dr. Mangat makes every effort he can to make his patient community as well as the community at large feel positive and welcomed.

Visit Mangat Dental Center in San Jose and experience higher quality and comfort that comes with a caring dental professional!

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