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What is an Extraction?

An extraction means to have a tooth removed. Generally, a tooth is removed due to disease, trauma, infection, or crowding, such as the case with wisdom teeth that have partially erupted or erupted improperly.

San Jose Dentist Tooth ExtractionThe first step in an extraction is to numb the area to lessen any discomfort. Fortunately, extraction procedures today are far less painful than ever before; primarily due to powerful sedatives and anesthetics. In many cases, after having an extraction done at Mangat Dental Center in San Jose, most patients experience little to no discomfort with only minor bleeding.

After your extraction, Dr. Mangat will advise you on a post extraction regimen to follow. Click here to view our Post-Op Instructions for Extractions!

What are the benefits of an Extraction?

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When root canal treatment or fillings are not enough to save a tooth, an extraction may need to be performed. Furthermore, disease or trauma may require an extraction be performed. For patients experiencing bad breath due to a diseased tooth, an extraction will help alleviate the issues.

Patients with wisdom teeth that do not erupt properly or partially have found extractions helpful in relieving pain and/or crowding. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause facial swelling, infection, gum swelling, and severe pain.

How long does an Extraction take?

It depends on the number of teeth to be extracted, but an extraction generally takes 30-45 minutes for one tooth, including time for prep. It is our goal at Mangat Dental Center in San Jose to complete your treatment in the least amount of time necessary, while delivering comfort, care, and quality!

Click here for our post-op instructions for Extractions!

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