Fluoride and Decay Prevention

Fluoride plays a critical role in decay prevention. Read on to learn ways to ensure you and your children have enough fluoride!

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Fluoride and Decay Prevention

San Jose Dentist - Fluoride and Decay Prevention

Years ago, scientists noticed children born and raised in areas with natural fluoride in their drinking water had fewer cavities than children in other areas. They discovered fluoride absorbed by the body when teeth were forming (during mother’s pregnancy to early childhood) integrates into the structure of enamel, making teeth stronger.

After teeth form, fluoride found in toothpaste, mouthwash, or what your dentist uses on a visit continues to have a positive effect on your teeth. It strengthens enamel and reduces the chance of tooth decay.

If you have children and live in an area that has no fluoride in its drinking water, you should consult with your dentist and physician about fluoride tablets for children. Be sure to inquire about Mangat Dental Center’s fluoride treatment on your next visit!

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