Post-Op Instructions:

Follow these helpful guidelines after an extraction to minimize discomfort and expedite the healing process.

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Post-Op: Extractions

  1. Pressure should be placed on the gauze pad over the extraction site for one hour. If bleeding continues, replace the gauze and apply pressure for another 45 minutes.
  2. If you are supervising children who have had an extraction done, make sure they do not bite on their numb lips or tongue as it can cause serious injury to their soft tissue.
  3. Avoid eating or drinking anything hot on the day of your extraction. Also, do not rinse your mouth or use a straw for drinking. Do not spit or drink carbonated beverages. Do not brush on the day of the surgery; you can gently resume your brushing and flossing the day after.
  4. You may experience some pain, bruising around your lips, and/or some swelling, especially after extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. Applying an ice bag and taking prescribed medication will help minimize any discomfort.
  5. Take all medication you have received based on the provided instructions.
  6. During the first 2-3 days after surgery, a diet of soft foods and liquids is recommended (soup, yogurt, milkshakes and juice).
  7. For more complex surgical procedures, including Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Implant Surgical Procedures, etc: You will receive an ice wrap which should be worn for the rest of the day until you go to bed on the day of surgery (10 minutes on and 5 minutes off). Instructions for various surgical treatments will have some unique directions, which will be supplied to you at the time of your treatment.
  8. Call our office if you experience excessive bleeding, severe pain or swelling, or if you have any questions or concerns. In case of serious emergencies, call 911.

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