Post-Op Instructions:
Root Canal Treatment

Follow these helpful guidelines after root canal treatment to minimize discomfort and expedite the healing process.

Mangat Dental Center in San Jose

Post-Op: Root Canal Treatment

  1. You may experience moderate pain and sensitivity to pressure on your tooth. Also, you may feel gum soreness for few days after your treatment. The healing process may take several days, but the pain and discomfort should subside gradually.
  2. Take any prescribed medication as per instructions.
  3. Generally, a temporary filling has been placed on your tooth; do not bite on the tooth for one hour and while you are numb. Also, until the permanent restoration is placed, be very gentle with the tooth. Try to chew with the opposite side, if possible.
  4. Continue brushing and flossing normally.
  5. Follow up with the placement of your permanent restoration as you have been advised. Any unnecessary delay in placement of final restoration may damage the tooth permanently.
  6. Feel free to call our office if you experience severe pain and/or swelling. We also welcome any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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