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Mangat Dental Center Patient Testimonials

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  • San Jose Dentist Patient Testimonial

    I would like to recommend Dr. Mangat due to his professionalism, and his gentle, precise, and amazing work. My husband and I have been his patients for over 10 years, and now our two children see him as their general dentist.

    Julissa, March 2014, General Dentistry, Family Dentistry

  • I came to see Dr. Mangat to work on my teeth. He did two crowns that needed to be replaced. I didn't even feel when they were placed. He did a very good job with no pain. I left very happy. His staff is very gentle, nice, and speak Spanish, which I find very important. I recommend coming to his office and do not hesitate to make an appointment.

    Maria, February 2014, Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry

  • San Jose Dentist Patient Testimonial

    The people working in Dr. Mangat's office are friendly. Dr. Mangat has taken care of my teeth for the last ten years. I am very happy with his work. I have recommended his practice to my friends and family.

    Elvira, February 2014, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns

  • Both assistants are professional and caring. I had very bad experiences when it comes to dentists in fear of pulling the wrong tooth out or bleeding gums. I stopped going to the dentist for more than 3 years because of it, but then someone advised me to go to Dr. Mangat. Since the first day, I've been very impressed! I had cavities filled, dental cleaning, and now have braces. As long as I've been coming to Mangat Dental Center, I've had no pain! I am no longer scared of the injections. Dr. Mangat does such a fantastic job. He lets you know exactly what he is doing, while he is doing it. Everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. I advise everyone to start going to Dr. Mangat. Their prices are great, and they do a splendid job. I already have so many of my family members coming in. Thanks for doing such a good job!

    Monika B, February 2014, Braces, General Dentistry

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    Dr. Mangat DDS is the best dentist that I have ever had. The doctor is gentle, extremely talented, and very knowledgeable. I come to see him even though I am now in Oregon. You will like him.

    John B, February 2014, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Justina is a very professional assistant to Dr. H. S. Mangat DDS Inc. I've been here several times and am very pleased with the work they have done in the past. That's what keeps me coming back here. The front desk that answers the phone is very patient and knows how to deal with new and returning patients. Job well done guys!

    Danny M, February 2014, General Dentistry, Crowns

  • San Jose Patient Testimonials

    I've been going to Dr. Mangat along with my brother for over 15 years - since we were kids. Dr. Mangat and his staff are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you have about treatment. After my brother received a great set of veneers from Dr. Mangat I asked him about getting veneers done myself. At the time, Dr. Mangat was already straightening my teeth with braces so I wasn't sure if this would affect my treatment. Turns out, Dr. Mangat was able to adjust my treatment plan, getting my teeth straightened in the time expected and getting me four wonderful veneers of my own! Thank you to Dr. Mangat and his great team over at Mangat Dental Center!

    Kevin M, December 2012, Cosmetic Dentistry, Braces, Veneers

  • My brother and I started coming to Dr. Mangat's office approximately 10 years ago. We do everything here. From cleaning to orthodontics to any other dental needs, Dr. Mangat has always helped us in every way. That is why we have kept him as our primary orthodontist/dentist. Not just my brother and I come to Dr. Mangat, but our entire family does as well. He is very kind, friendly, as well as gentle. He always tries his best so patients feel the least amount of discomfort possible, which he is extremely good at. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mangat and his friendly staff to everyone else!

    Jasdeep & Karanpal S. February 2014, Braces, General Dentistry

  • Dr Mangat Patient Testimonial Mangat Dental Center

    I decided to visit Mangat Dental Center in San Jose after seeing the great work he did with my boyfriend's smile. I've been looking for a convenient way to straighten my teeth for awhile now - even visiting other dentists and orthodontists in the area. During my visit and evaluation with Dr. Mangat, I realized I would get the best value and quality of work with Mangat Dental Center. My first visit was a breeze. Sylvia and Justina are very friendly and took my measurements and photos quickly. Three weeks later my Invisalign aligners came in. I've just started with my second set of aligners and can't wait to have an amazing smile thanks to Dr. Mangat and his staff over at Mangat Dental Center. Thank you!

    Erika N, December 2013, Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign

  • Dear Dr. Mangat, Sat Sri Akaal. I consider myself lucky due to some precious good karma having landed in your clinic yesterday for treatment. I praise you for your nice professional attitude and calmness with human touch. May "Akal Purakh" Almighty enhance your wisdom, power, ability, and right approach in times to come with a long healthy life. My gratitude to you and all your staff members for their commendable disposition. Thank you.

    Bhim Sem C, February 2003, General Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

  • San Jose Dentist Patient Testimonial

    This office and staff at Mangat Dental Center are very nice. The office is clean and the staff are friendly. I'm very happy with Dr. Mangat's work. He did a good job, and I will share his work with others. I'm just a very happy person with my new look. Thanks for all the great help and work!

    Charles S, September 2010, Full Mouth Restoration: Porcelain Crowns, Veneers, and Bridges

  • Mangat Dental Center (previously known as First Choice Dental Center) is a great choice for general dental work and ortho. The staff is very professional and experienced, knowing what they are doing at all times. They are very friendly and have great personalities. I have been coming to Mangat Dental Center for the past 10 years along with my sister. I am under the process of having my teeth straightened with braces because of the amazing treatment my sister went through. Dr. Mangat is very friendly, professional, and quick to fix any problem you may have. I am glad to have Dr. Mangat as my doctor of dental surgery. Thank you for all the help and procedures that help me achieve a healthy smile.

    Yadvir S, January 2014, General Dentistry, Braces

  • San Jose Dentist Patient Testimonials

    Thank you to Dr. Mangat and his staff at Mangat Dental Center for the great, healthy smile I have today. I went to Dr. Mangat for braces, veneers, and TMJ therapy. I had a click develop when chewing. Dr. Mangat was able to straighten my teeth, expand my smile, and deliver six high-quality veneers. Six years later, they're still as good as new. Thank you!

    Patrick, November 2010, Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ Therapy, Braces